Jolly's Commissions

Hello! Looks like you stumbled onto this page because you are interested in commissioning me.

Just follow the rules and terms and we can get started.


  • I will not draw hate speech, violence, or nsfw. I want to keep things clean.
  • I will not draw a character that doesn't belong to you, unless you have the permission by the user, or it is a gift.
  • Please ask before reposting my work on social media.

Please respect the artist, I have the right to refuse your request.

Terms of Service

  • You are allowed up to three small changes to your commission before being charged.
  • Please allow up to two weeks before requesting updates on your comissions if I havn't updated you.

When you are ready to commisison me, please email me at TINYRAYGUN@GMAIL.COM

This is not my paypal address - I will personally send you an invoice before starting.

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